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Highlighting a Fan Favorite: The CCELL® PALM Battery

Each CCELL® product uses the most innovative, reliable, and safe technology and materials to provide the highest quality vaping experience. And while every product adheres to CCELL’s high standards, one of our favorite products here at 3WIN Corp is the CCELL® PALM. Below we outline what makes the PALM unique and why it is a fan favorite product in the CCELL® product line.

Safety and Reliability First

Like all CCELL® products, the PALM places safety and reliability top priority. The manufacturers of CCELL® technology perform rigorous research and development in their laboratories to ensure that their materials and technologies set the standard for the vaping industry in safety and reliability. Each CCELL® product only uses FDA-approved, RoHS-certified raw materials and has received safety standards from the FDA, RoHS, FCC, CE, and UL.


The PALM’s body comprises a durable aluminum alloy that can withstand daily use and a high-quality circuit board with multiple protections. In addition, the CCELL® TH2 and M6T cartridges, which are compatible with the PALM, use food and medical-grade materials for their mouthpiece and stainless steel interiors for superior performance and reliability. By using only the best materials available, CCELL® products have achieved a less than .0001% failure rate.

Compact, User-Friendly Design

The CCELL® PALM is a battery with a slim, discrete profile that fits nicely in the palm of your hand. With dimensions of 55.0H x 42.0W x 8.9D (mm), the battery is smaller and more easily pocketable than many other vapes, perfect for taking with you on the go. The CCELL® PALM is available in Sunrise Yellow, Sangria Red, Moon Grey, Aruba Blue, Pink, Blue, Grey, and Black to fit your style.


Additionally, the aluminum housing is finely textured for a tactile feeling as you hold the vape in your hand. Button-free inhale activation makes the PALM as user-friendly as possible. With a simple magnetic adapter that screws onto any universal 510 cartridge, loading up the PALM is as easy as screw on, drop, and go. Plus, with easy magnetic attachment between the cartridge and the battery, you’re less likely to experience spills or leaks compared to threaded attachments.

High-Performance Battery

The CCELL® PALM battery makes it a long-lasting vape perfect for all-day use. At 500 mAh, the CCELL® PALM battery makes it a long-lasting vape perfect for all-day use. In addition, the LED indicator light will let you know your battery status.


Low/Dead Battery: The LED indicator will blink ten times, then go off when the battery has no remaining charge
Charging: The LED indicator will remain on continuously while the battery is charging
Fully Charged: Once the battery is nearly charged, it will begin to blink repeatedly. When the blinking stops and the LED indicator turns off, the battery is fully charged.


The high-quality Lithium battery used in the CCELL® PALM will retain full performance for up to 300 full charge cycles.

Unrivaled Taste

When used with CCELL® cartridges like the TH2 and M6T, and even disposable vapes, the PALM battery provides unparalleled flavor and volume of vapor. The ceramic core allows for a greater permeability rate and fast, even heating of viscous oil than a traditional cotton wick coil. So say goodbye to burnt taste and contaminated flavors, and say hello to consistent vapors and pure taste. Unlike competitor batteries, CCELL® batteries like the PALM provide reliable energy to get the maximum benefit from ceramic cell atomizers, even in cold temperatures, for the best vaping experience in any environment. 

Loyal Fans

With these incredible benefits, it’s no surprise that the CCELL® PALM is one of the most popular vape batteries available. And if you won’t take our word for it, take the word of other vaping experts like yourself – on the consumer vape website, no other THC oil battery has more 5-star customer reviews. With that kind of rave attention, you know that the CCELL® PALM battery is a quality product that provides a superior vaping experience to people who try it out.

Talk to Experts

Looking for more information on the CCELL® PALM battery and other innovative CCELL® products? Reach out to our team. As a wholesale distributor of CCELL® technology, 3WIN has redefined the cannabis and CBD industry by providing brands, research labs, and extraction facilities with the highest quality and performance vape products. We would love to discuss how the PALM and other CCELL® technology can best meet your team’s needs.