CCELL® is revolutionizing the cannabis vape hardware industry once again. The M6T features the world’s first ceramic heating atomizer. This powerhouse cartridge offers premium quality at a cost-effective price.


M6T Features

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CCELL® M6T: Quality without compromise

CCELL®’s M6T cartridge delivers complete vaporization down to the very last drop.

Care-free luxury

The M6T cartridge features medical-grade materials and customizable mouthpieces. This easy-to-fill, leakproof cartridge offers safety and security while delivering full-bodied flavor and potency.


Durability and Portability in one

This one-of-a-kind cartridge features the world’s first ceramic heating atomizer in a high-quality, disposable design.

Perfect for high-viscosity oils, it can be purchased in either 0.5ml or 1.0ml sizes. The M6T cartridge is made with food-grade material mouthpieces and medical-grade 316L stainless steel internals.This safe and convenient cart is leakproof and hassle free.

M6T Customized Wholesale Distribution

As a wholesale distributor of the CCELL® M6T cartridge, our company offers competitive pricing and fast shipping. We pride ourselves on being a reliable and trusted source for high-quality vaporizer cartridges, and our team is always ready to help you with any questions or concerns. 3Win Corp has the capability to provide customization options for the CCELL® M6T cartridge. We can offer custom branding, packaging, and other options to help you create a unique and memorable product for your customers. Whether you're looking to create a branded line of vaporizer cartridges or simply want to add your logo to the M6T cartridge, our team can help you make it happen. Located in Tempe, AZ, 3Win Corp ships products to clients worldwide. Contact us to start your order.

Superior Quality

We’re raising industry standards by using innovative technology and research to design cutting-edge vape hardware and accessories.

Designed to Last

All products are expertly designed with the user’s safety and enjoyment in mind.


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Premium Vape Products

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3Win Corp Customization

Our innovative vape hardware and accessories can be customized to fit your brand.

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M6T Cartridge

Design a unique vaping experience for your customers. Our premium materials can be customized for your brand.

The M6T cartridge features a leak-proof design, ensuring that you can enjoy your oils without any mess or wasted material. The cartridge has a vertical ceramic coil that prevents any leaks or spills, and the tank is made from high-quality materials that can withstand the rigors of everyday use.

The CCELL® ceramic heating element heats up quickly and is highly efficient, meaning that you can enjoy your oils without any burnt taste or wasted material. Additionally, the ceramic heating element is highly durable and long-lasting, so you can use the M6T cartridge for an extended period of time without experiencing any degradation in performance. 3Win Corp and CCELL®‘s superior vaping technology is raising the bar and revolutionizing the vaping industry.



Experience the cutting-edge performance of CCELL® cartridges.

3Win Corp is an authorized wholesale distributor of all CCELL® products, including the M6T. Contact us for pricing, availability or to place an order.

The CCELL® M6T cartridge is designed to be a single-use product. Once capped, the mouthpiece cannot be removed.
CCELL® cartridges, including the M6T, are among the safest on the market. CCELL®’s manufacturer, SMOORE, is dedicated to creating the safest and highest-quality vape products on the market. This industry-leading brand’s products have a failure rate of 1% or less.

The M6T is one of the safest carts on the market. It’s leak proof oil cartridge is easy to fill and the disposable design is low-maintenance. The M6T offers the safety and quality of traditional carts in an innovative, worry-free design.

Every 3WIN CCELL® product will have the CCELL® imprint at the bottom. Buying from an authorized wholesale distributor guarantees the products you receive are authentic.

Perfection in every pull

The CCELL® M6T cartridge is a high-quality vaporizer cartridge designed for vaping oils and concentrates. Its advanced ceramic heating element ensures that your oils are heated evenly and consistently, providing a smooth and enjoyable vaping experience. The M6T cartridge has a 510 thread, making it compatible with most vaporizer batteries, and its leak-proof design ensures that you can enjoy your oils without any messy leaks.