Featuring haptic feedback and an inhale-activated system, the CCELL® Rizo provides a smooth and seamless vaping experience. The drop-in magnetic connection ensures that your cartridge stays securely in place, so you can enjoy your favorite vape juice without worrying about spills or leaks. With its dual heat switch, you can choose your preferred heating temperature and enjoy gentle haptic feedback with every pull.


Rizo Features

A gray CCELL Rizo vape batteryA gray CCELL Rizo vape battery
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A black CCELL Rizo vape batteryA black CCELL Rizo vape battery
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A black CCELL Rizo vape batteryA black CCELL Rizo vape battery
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A gray CCELL Rizo vape batteryA gray CCELL Rizo vape battery
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A gray CCELL Rizo vape batteryA gray CCELL Rizo vape battery
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Premium Full-Metallic Casing

CCELL®’s Rizo may appear small, but it is fierce. Using the intuitive slide switch, you can choose between 2 heat settings coupled with haptic feedback in every hit.

CCELL® Rizo Battery: 3-Bar LED Status Light

Introducing a new feature to CCELL® batteries, the Rizo displays 3 bars for status simplicity. Simply drop your cartridge in to see the current battery status.


Tiny but Mighty

Don't let the compact size fool you. This CCELL® battery packs a punch with features including haptic feedback, a dual heat switch, and powerful charging. Additionally, the full-metallic casing of the Rizo gives it a more modern and sleek appearance. The battery's dual heat switch allows the user to switch between two voltage settings, providing them with a customized vaping experience. Whether they prefer a low-temperature vape or a more intense experience, the CCELL® Rizo has them covered. A drop-in magnetic connection ensures that the cartridge stays securely in place, providing the user with a seamless and worry-free vaping experience. This feature also makes it incredibly easy to switch out cartridges when needed, without having to worry about leaks or spills.

Customized Wholesale Distribution

At 3WIN Corp, we offer a fully-stocked inventory of high-quality CCELL® products, as well as customization services to help you build and expand your brand. Our in-house laser branding and customized packaging options are sure to make your brand stand out. Based in Tempe, AZ, 3WIN Corp ships products to clients worldwide. Contact us today to start your order and take your brand to the next level with the exceptional quality and performance of CCELL® products, including the highly-regarded Rizo vape battery.

Superior Quality

The CCELL® Rizo Battery offers superior quality, with innovative technology and research used in its design to raise industry standards for vape hardware and accessories.

Designed to Last

Expertly designed with the user's safety and enjoyment in mind, the Rizo Battery is built to last and offers a reliable and long-lasting vaping experience.


We offer branding, coloring, and finish options that will make your brand stand out from the competition.

Premium Vape Products

As part of our premium selection of vape products, the CCELL® Rizo Battery offers a powerful and reliable battery option, along with other high-quality accessories such as reliable cartridges. Contact us to place your bulk order today and experience the exceptional quality of CCELL® products.

3WIN Corp Customization

Our innovative vape hardware and accessories can be customized to fit your brand.

A CCELL Rizo vape battery A CCELL Rizo vape battery
Rizo Battery

This device truly does it all, and that includes design. The sleek and stylish full-metallic housing can be customized to fit your brand and customers.

A CCELL vape with a detached mouth piece
An image of the CCELL ceramic heating core

The CCELL® Rizo also features a built-in LED indicator, which lets the user know when it's time to charge the battery. This feature is incredibly convenient, as it ensures that the user never runs out of power unexpectedly.

With a battery capacity of 300mAh and a voltage output of 2.8V -3.3V, the CCELL® Rizo Vape Battery is powerful enough to handle even the most demanding vaping sessions. Its Type-C charging feature ensures that the battery charges quickly and efficiently, so the user can spend less time waiting and more time vaping.



The power of CCELL® technology in a sleek, convenient design.

3WIN Corp is an authorized wholesale distributor of all CCELL® products, including the Rizo battery. Contact us for pricing quotes, availability or to place an order.

Watch the LED indicator light while the battery is connected to the charger. At the end of the charging cycle, the light will blink 20 times and then turn itself off to indicate full charge.

Use the CCELL® threaded USB charger to charge the Rizo. Just screw on the charger, and plug it into your computer or outlet.

Once the Rizo pen is fully charged, simply use the mouthpiece to inhale and activate it. The Rizo offers a dual-heat setting that you slide to use. 

You can use a moist cotton swab and alcohol to clean any contact points between the charger and cartridge.

Rizo Battery: Compact and Powerful

Rizo Vape Battery is known for providing an exceptional vaping experience. Its inhale-activated system ensures that the user can enjoy their vape juice smoothly and effortlessly, without the need for any buttons or switches.