The CCELL® M3b gives consumers more control of their vaping experience with a variable voltage 510 thread cartridge battery. The M3b is one of the top-rated vape pen batteries due to its simple and discreet design. It features everything you love about the original M3 battery plus a new 3-heat setting that allows you to change vape pen settings with just 3 simple clicks.

The CCELL® M3b variable voltages prevent product waste by conserving oil and produce a fuller, better flavor. Utilizing CCELL 510 threaded cartridges to power the sleek CCELL® M3b vape pen unlocks the full performance and experience that your customers deserve.


CCELL® M3b Features

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Customizable stainless steel housing

CCELL®’s sleek yet powerful M3b battery offers everything you love about the original M3 with some new options to enhance consumer enjoyment. Brands can customize the stainless steel housing for high-impact marketing.

New 3-heat setting capabilities

Your consumers can now optimize M3b performance by selecting heat settings based on the viscosity of each product.


Advanced Performance

A vape pen that lets you enjoy the product your way, every time. The M3b battery features the same sleek pen design that you love about the M3 with a new 3-heat setting feature that puts the power in your customers’ hands.

The M3b’s revolutionary 3-heat setting design lets users customize their experience. You can customize the M3b with your brand for maximum effect. 3WIN Corp offers a variety of colors, designs, and logos to create M3b batteries that showcase the best of your brand.

Customized CCELL® M3B Wholesale Distribution

The M3B allows you to let your creativity run wild and experience a customized vaping experience! These all new models come with a 3 heat setting feature. Changing between the heat setting is as easy and effortless as possible, simply click twice to change between settings. With the M3b, not only are you able to experience a customizable, highest quality vaping experience, but also a safe and reliable one. The device lock feature allows you to have peace of mind knowing that you will never accidentally turn on the device. We offer brands, research labs and extraction facilities the inventory and customization services they need to build and expand their brands. Shop our fully-stocked inventory of CCELL® hardware and explore customization services, including in-house laser branding and customized packaging. Located in Tempe, AZ, 3WIN Corp ships products to clients worldwide. Contact us to start your order.

Superior Quality

We’re raising industry standards by using innovative technology and research to design cutting-edge vape hardware and accessories.

Designed to Last

All products are expertly designed with the user’s safety and enjoyment in mind.


We have the products and marketing tools you need to build your brand and connect with customers.

Premium Vape Products

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3WIN Corp Customization

Our innovative vape hardware and accessories can be customized to fit your brand.

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M3b Battery

Make your mark with custom stainless steel housings. Keep things sleek and discreet or design a show-stopping shell.

A CCELL vape with a detached mouth piece
An image of the CCELL ceramic heating core

Equipped with a reliable 350mAh battery, the CCELL M3b offers extended vaping sessions without compromising on performance. It provides long-lasting power, allowing you to enjoy your favorite vape cartridges with peace of mind.

Designed with both style and functionality in mind, the CCELL M3b boasts a sleek and compact form factor. With dimensions of Φ10.5mm x 84mm (M3b), it effortlessly fits in your pocket or purse, ensuring convenient and discreet vaping on the go.


M3b FAQs

A new way to experience the power and precision of CCELL® design.

3WIN Corp is an authorized wholesale distributor of all CCELL® products, including the M3b battery. Contact us for pricing, availability or to place an order.

When the M3b variable voltage battery stops blinking, it’s fully charged. Once the charging cycle is complete, the LED indicator stays on.

Use the CCELL® USB charger included with the M3b and M3b Pro. Simply plug the unit into a wall outlet or computer. Once it’s fully charged, the green indicator light will stay on.

After screwing in the cartridge, turn the battery on with five rapid clicks. Adjust the temperature settings with further clicks. Then, simply inhale while pressing the button down. When you’re done, turn on the child-resistant lock with five quick clicks.

You can clean the M3b’s contact points with a moist cotton swab moistened dipped in rubbing alcohol. Do not submerge it in water.

Perfection in every pull

The CCELL M3b is equipped with a standard 510 thread, making it compatible with a wide range of vape cartridges. Whether you prefer oils, extracts, or e-liquids, this versatile battery is ready to elevate your vaping experience. Rest assured, the CCELL M3b is equipped with a child-resistant lock, ensuring the utmost safety for households with little ones. The lock mechanism adds an extra layer of protection, keeping the battery securely sealed when not in use.