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What is a CCELL DART?

The manufacturer of CCELL products, SMOORE, is continually working to innovate their vaping products for an ideal customer experience. After the technological advancements found in the rest of their products like the PALM and M3, CCELL wanted to provide an entirely new vaping style with its first pod system, the CCELL DART.

The CCELL DART has a 480 mAh battery, keeping it working for you all day long. Plus, DART is the first CCELL product that includes a constant voltage battery with 3.8V output. Constant voltage output means that the same voltage output is used throughout the battery life. So, you will still have the same high-performance volume of smoke with a low battery as a freshly charged battery.


A fully charged DART battery is able to generate over 210 quality puffs with no recognizable decline in vapor throughout the duration of using it. In addition, depending on the power source, the DART battery will typically charge in 30-90 minutes, meaning you do not have to spend time waiting for your battery to charge. And because CCELL’s lithium-ion batteries perform well in the cold, you can take your DART on that ski trip or a mountain hike.

Benefits of Pod Systems

Pod systems are similar to cartridges or “carts” in many ways, but their differences offer some unique advantages compared to traditional vapes. Unlike universal 510 cartridges, vape pods do not screw into the top of the battery. Instead, a threadless magnet allows the pod to quickly and effortlessly snap into place. This magnet keeps a secure connection between the pod and the battery, making them cleaner and easier to maintain than universal cartridges. Some cartridges are meant to be refilled with THC oil using a syringe, which can be messy. Even pre-filled cartridges can leak and waste precious oil if they are not secured.


The potential connection issues with universal cartridges can also lead to a sub-par vaping experience. If the battery is not connected optimally, the heating element can heat unevenly, leading to inconsistent smoke volume, flavor, and potency. However, because of the secure connection between the magnetic vape pod and battery, you will have a smooth vaping experience with great flavor every time.

Benefits of the CCELL DART

Reliable, Safe Materials

Like all CCELL products, the DART is a top priority. For maximum reliability, DART uses food-grade materials for its mouthpiece and medical-grade 316L stainless steel internals. This type of stainless steel has strong corrosion resistance and is commonly used in pharmaceutical equipment and medical devices. The Dart outperformed the Heavy Metals Standard of California and Michigan. CCELL continues to set industry standards for safety and reliability, with a less than .0001% failure rate.


Produced with FDA-approved high-quality materials under extremely rigorous safety control, CCELL products like the DART have obtained safety certificates from authoritative quality systems, such as FDA, RoHs, FCC, CE, and UL.

Sleek, Compact Design

The care and thought that has gone into the design and materials chosen for the DART make it feel like a luxury experience. The mouthpiece is curved to match the natural shape of the lips for comfortable and intuitive vaping. With a matte grip and compact profile, the DART is sleeker, stealthier, and lighter than 510 thread cartridges and feels great in your hand. Plus, inhale-activation means using your new CCELL DART could not be easier. Just charge it, put it to your lips, and inhale for a luxurious and streamlined experience.

The Purest Taste

The CCELL DART uses the same ceramic heating technology as all CCELL products for the fastest and easiest heat transfer. Traditional cotton wick coils can give you a burnt taste and inconsistent vapor volume and take 5 to 6 puffs to launch. CCELL technology gives you the purest flavor available, launches on the first puff, and has consistent vapor volume. In addition, the vape can heat and vaporize extract consistently with a 10-20% increase in vapor production compared to traditional vape cartridges when using the DART pod system.

High Battery Performance

Learn More about the CCELL DART

As an official wholesale distributor of CCELL technology, 3WIN has redefined the cannabis and CBD industry with the highest quality and performance vape products.


Contact our team to discuss how the DART and the rest of the CCELL product line can help your brand, research lab, or extraction facility experience the best vaping products the industry offers.