Experience the Advantages of CCELL® Technology

CCELL®’s ceramic cartridge features a ceramic heating element equipped to handle the highest-viscosity oils and extracts. CCELL® uses cutting-edge technology to ensure every pull is safe, potent and flavorful.


Why Choose CCELL®?

CCELL® technology is revolutionizing the portable vaporizer market. CCELL®’s patented ceramic heating element is designed to properly heat the purest and most viscous oils. The result is a product that delivers consistent flavor with every touch and unmatched performance.

CCELL® vaporizing products meet the highest safety standards to ensure a high-quality and consistent user experience from the first pull until the last.

How It Works

Traditional atomizers have heating coils on the surface of the wick, which leads to erratic heating and reduced oil flow. This design results in product waste, poor vapor volume and a burnt taste. CCELL® is revolutionizing the industry with their 360° ceramic heating element in a porous ceramic component. This design delivers steady oil flow and saturation for unparalleled vapor production and taste.


Ceramic formula maximizes absorption.

CCELL®’s patented ceramic heating formula supports nano-scale pores on the ceramic heating element. The result is better product permeability than any other product on the market. The permeable ceramic core enhances the atomization effect and vapor volume to absorb, store and atomize the thickest oils without wasting product.


Evenly distributes heat.

CCELL®’s integrated coil design evenly and efficiently distributes heat throughout the ceramic core, resulting in a large volume of vapor release. This targeted design ensures pure and consistent vapor release without the overheating or scorching problems that are common with wick-based coils.


Consistent supply.

Long-lasting CCELL® batteries power the ceramic heating element to ensure consistent flavor, potency and vapor volume from first use to the last. CCELL®’s lithium batteries work well even at low temperatures and outperform other batteries on the market.


CCELL® Technology: The Clear Advantage

The market is overrun with low-quality devices that result in costly product waste and poor customer satisfaction. So we decided to do something about it. See how our ceramic heating core stacks up against the competition.

CCELL® Ceramic Heating Core
Traditional Cotton Wick Coils

Steady saturation creates purer flavors and cleaner pulls.

Lower oil saturation burns
product and affects flavors.

Consistent vapor production
with each use.

Leads to vapor zaps
and unreliable volume.

Ready to use at first puff.

Requires 5-6 puffs to launch.

Designed to handle
even the thickest oils.

Incompatible with high-viscocity extracts.

Trust 3WIN Corp

As a CCELL® wholesale distributor, we deliver only the highest quality products to our customers. We also offer a wide selection of customization services, like in-house laser branding and promotional product design to elevate your brand above the competition.

We can customize CCELL® products with your logo, brand colors and more.

Custom Mouthpieces

Find an option that fits your brand. We offer a variety of mouthpiece finishes, including ​​ceramic, plastic, metal, wood, and stainless steel.

Branded Cartridges and Batteries

Create a memorable first impression with creative branding elements.

Eye-Catching Colors

3WIN Corp uses Pantone uses the Pantone color-matching system to bring every brand’s vision to life.


Why CCELL® Technology

CCELL® Technology, utilizes a ceramic heating element. Each cartridge is manufactured with an array of tiny nanoscale inlet holes through a unique process to enable advanced absorption. This porosity and the even heat distribution of the ceramic material in CCELL® products have created a superior way to vaporize the purest and most viscous oils.

The CCELL® manufacturer, SMOORE, is committed to product safety, with more than 200 Quality Assurance team members ensuring that each item produced meets their high-quality standards. All CCELL® products have a failure rate less than 1%. For consumers, CCELL® cartridges ensure fewer leaks, prevent overheating, and offer a longer product life – all with zero maintenance.
While some may consider any oil cartridge to be a CCELL®, CCELL® may not always be the manufacturer. Every CCELL® Brand Cartridge consists of a ceramic heating element, providing full flavor and maximum vapor production.
The CCELL® line of cartridges includes both disposable and refillable styles. Each design offers maximum enjoyment of even the thickest concentrates.
A CCELL® cartridge will last depending on how often it’s used and the amount of oil loaded in the cartridge. You can extend cartridge life by storing it upright in a cool, dry place and using quality batteries.

Refillable cartridges open by unscrewing the mouthpiece to expose the cartridge’s main body and the tank.

For best results, we recommend using high-quality CCELL® batteries with our cartridges. However, this is not required.
CCELL® has developed patented battery systems that are some of the most reliable and durable available. The battery styles can offer at least a week of full vapor with typical usage, can provide 25% more vapor volume than other brands, and are recommended for use with CCELL® cartridges.
CCELL® batteries are industry leaders in performance, durability, and dependability, and consistently receive outstanding reviews. They offer a balance between size and performance while providing a high discharge rate for more vapor.

Battery life will depend on the capacity of each battery. Expect over a week’s use, or 200 draws, with the larger batteries.

Unlike many other brands, most CCELL® batteries will charge completely within 60-90 minutes. Reduce your charging time using the convenient USB charging system – this ensures your cartridge will be ready to go at a moment’s notice.
While charging, the LED indicator light on CCELL® devices will stay lighted. When the charging cycle completes, and the device is ready for use, the LED indicator will blink 20 times and then go off.
The ceramic heating element design in every CCELL® product is miles ahead of your regular cotton wick coils. Ceramic elements produce thicker clouds with more vapor, do not require preheating, do not need to be replaced and handle oils of various levels of viscosity.

Perfection in every pull

3WIN Corp is a leading CCELL® wholesale distributor that offers full-suite customization and unmatched customer service. Explore new ways to boost your brand’s visibility.