CCELL® Disposables

Explore our selection of the most durable and stylish disposable vapes on the market. These all-in one devices offer a simple way to enjoy a luxurious yet convenient vape experience. Call us at (833) 33-CCELL to place your disposable vape order.




CCELL® has dedicated years to research and development to deliver the safest, most reliable products on the market. They’ve redefined the industry by creating the best-performing atomizer in the industry.

For too many years, the market has been overrun with cheap hardware, resulting in costly performance issues for many companies. Now, 3Win Corp and CCELL® ‘s superior vaping technology is raising the bar and revolutionizing the vaping industry.

Perfection in every pull

3Win Corp is a leading CCELL® wholesale distributor that offers full-suite customization and unmatched customer service. Explore new ways to boost your brand’s visibility.