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CCELLRegistered Trademark TH2

CCELLRegistered Trademark Cartridges

The CCELLRegistered Trademark TH2 cartridge is the ultimate statement of luxury. The glass housing in the CCELLRegistered Trademark TH2 is used to ensure a higher anti-corrosion property and increased flowability of oil. Expect zero leaking with the CCELLRegistered Trademark TH2 Glass Cartridge as a result from the screw in mouthpiece with silicone bottom. With the disposable design, there is a guarantee of zero maintenance needed. Enjoy complete vaporization in every last drop as you’ll experience the pure flavor and powerful potency. CCELLRegistered Trademark TH2 cartridge is a very special CCELLRegistered Trademark  cartridge with a ceramic heating element, polycarbonate housing, and reusable design. Engineered to deliver the most flavorful vapor and the largest clouds for various viscosity, without any compromise.

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CCELL Technology

0.3ML, 0.5ML, 1.0ML

Black and White Ceramic

Fully Customizable Mouthpiece

Glass Disposable Cartridge

Inhale Activated

Ceramic mouthpiece

510 Threading

Authentic and Leakproof

Works great with CCELLRegistered Trademark Palm, CCELLRegistered Trademark SILO, CCELLRegistered Trademark M3

CCELL TH2 Glass Cartridges, 3Win Corp

Build your brand with customized mouthpieces.

Ceramic, metal, plastic, wood, and stainless steel mouthpieces plus Pantone or custom color availability.

Revolutionary Ceramic Heating Elements.

CCELLRegistered Trademark cartridges were engineered to deliver the most flavorful vapor and most considerable clouds for various viscosity, especially at high viscosity and without any compromise. The disposable design is a guarantee of zero maintenance, leakproof ability, and high hygienic standard. Complete vaporization of every last drop will indulge you in pure flavor and powerful potency. CCELLRegistered Trademark cartridges are a must have for connoisseurs who appreciate the luxury experience and carefree moments in life.

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