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Next Generation of Cannabis Vaping: Dart Pod System

Vape pens are sleek, easy-to-use cannabis vessels that are booming in popularity. As the industry evolves, new forms of cartridges are constantly emerging on the market. The latest development is the stylish and functional dart pod, a system that is on track to become the new industry standard for portable cannabis use.

The CCELL dart pod system is the new face of the cannabis vaping movement. And we strive to deliver the highest-quality hardware and systems across all of our featured products. At 3WIN Corp, we’re on the cutting edge of dart pod implementation into mainstream vape culture.

What is a Dart Pod ?

Dart pod systems are compact versions of battery-operated CCELL vape systems. The smaller, sleeker design does not compromise on power, as it uses the same ceramic makeup as its predecessor to create a high-quality, powerful vape experience. As a result, users will enjoy concentrated, smoother hits from CCELL dart pods, with long-lasting battery life for extended usage.

Dart Pod vs. Dart Vapes: What’s the Difference?

While both systems use oil for heat generation, the Dart Vape and 510 cartridge system work differently. Instead of relying on 510 thread or other wick variations, they opt for high-quality CCELL ceramic heating technology that the industry knows and loves.


From a physical standpoint, the shape of each device is a reflection of the technology at hand. Most cartridges have a classic cylinder shape, which screws onto the battery apparatus. Dart pods form naturally to the mouth shape and snap into the battery with ease. This design leaves less room for error when connecting the battery. The user-friendly pods also feature medical-grade stainless steel hardware and plastic detailing to reinforce the security of the revolutionary design.

Dart Pod Battery

Dart X batteries are USB-C charging, and the original Dart is Micro-USB charging. The micro-USB charging port also cuts the time of a regular charge, which sits between 60 and 90 minutes for a healthy battery. All products boast a 480 mAh capacity to accommodate multiple full-strength charges. With over 200 guaranteed puffs per charge, the quality of each hit doesn’t diminish throughout the battery’s life cycle. Each hit offers consistent quality at every charging stage.

Dart Pod System

The dart pod system offers low-leak technology that delivers stronger, more concentrated hits with each pull. The taste extracted from each hit is also well above industry standards. The nanoscale inlet holes embedded in each dart system evenly disperse the oil vapors, increasing the potency and delivering exceptional quality. No matter what flavor is loaded into the port, the notes of each hit will deliver unparalleled quality across the pod’s life cycle.

3WIN Corp CCELL Dart Pod Systems

CCELL dart pods are pioneering temperature-controlled vaping technology. The range of product lines offers the latest and best versions of vape pod technology to cannabis enthusiasts. We’re proud to utilize this new breed of CCELL technology across several of our products.


The standard CCELL Dart offers an elevated experience with inhale-activated technology, a magnetic connection for easy port insertion, and a comfortable handheld design that is both discrete and modern. Dart’s LED indicator is a familiar feature that alerts users to their Dart’s battery life. In addition, the flagship design is compatible with later models and their respective ports.


As an upgraded design to the classic Dart, the Dart X Pod series brings a whole new set of features to the table. Users can move between three temperature settings to customize their experience based on preference. The unique locking system makes the pods childproof. This product’s smart timer will shut the product off after 10 minutes without use to ensure that the battery remains intact when the user steps away. This setting eliminates oil waste and protects battery life.

Other CCELL Products

To maximize style and variety, we offer the entire CCELL product line to cater to your clientele. Shop batteries, traditional cartridges, and disposable vapes to expand your inventory and give your customers even more choices. We also sell USB chargers to accompany our dart system products.

Excel with 3WIN Corp

At 3WIN Corp, we have a family-rooted mission to provide the best in vaporizing technology through our wholesale distribution. Our customizable inventory guarantees that your customer base receives the best quality products from the brand they trust most — your business. Contact our team of experts today to start designing your next line of best-selling dart pods.