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The Ultimate Guide to Caring for Your CCELL® Vape

Vape systems see frequent use, with their owners taking multiple pulls throughout the day. The constant hits will affect the usability and life span of vape pod systems. Understanding the potential for error in caring for vape pod systems such as DART or other oil cartridges is essential for maintaining the health of these pieces.


Here’s everything you need to know about properly caring for your CCELL® vape.

Common Usage Problems with Vape Pens

Like any cannabis product, vape pens are susceptible to wear and tear. Some problems that commonly occur in various vape products are listed below with ways to avoid them.

Ceramic Cartridges

From the consumer’s standpoint, pulling “too hard” can wear out your cartridge’s coil and battery faster than a normal drag. Therefore, to create a smooth experience, slower hits are recommended for ceramic cartridge systems.

Oil Cartridges

The connectivity of oil cartridges is the key to creating smooth pulls. When a vape cartridge is not properly inserted, the risk of leakage is greater. Leaks can damage the hardware and waste the oil inside the cartridge, shortening the lifespan of the vape. So make sure your oil cartridges are properly connected before you start using your product.

Battery Life

When a vape’s battery is at the end of its life cycle, performance can suffer from a lack of power. This decrease in performance means that pulls can become weak or diluted over time. However, 3WIN Corp batteries and DART cartridges maintain the same quality with every pull at every stage of the battery’s life cycle.

External Factors

Sometimes, vapes encounter problems that have nothing to do with their internal workings. For example, extreme temperatures can have adverse effects on a cartridge and its battery component, as well as exposure to moisture or liquids. In addition, when vaping systems are stored in cramped places, such as in a car or purse, the cartridges can sustain cracks or other damage.

That’s why it’s important to properly store your CCELL® vape in an area with a cool, but not cold, temperature that’s away from light.

Caring for Vape Pens and Accessories

When properly cared for, a vape cartridge can last for several months. Following these maintenance tips will help your CCELL® vape pod system last longer and maintain consistent performance.

Check for Proper Connection

Ensure the oil cartridge is screwed on properly. This simple task will maintain the vapor transfer between the battery and the atomizer. However, avoid screwing the mechanism on too tightly, which can strain the thread and cause leaks.

CCELL® ceramic cartridges are easy to use and provide a seamless experience for vape users that want to minimize connection issues. Simply snap a cartridge into place to activate the piece. For example, our cutting-edge DART X vape pod system utilizes a universal USB port across all DART models and is less prone to errors during battery attachment.

Clean the Exterior

To prevent any unwanted debris from entering the mouthpiece or cartridge, treat the outside of the apparatus with extra care. Wiping the outside with a clean cloth or alcohol wipe will rid the surface of any dirt or product that could adversely affect the cartridge.

Replace the Battery as Needed

The average vape pen has several hundred puffs to its battery life. Instead of forcing an older battery into performing past its life cycle, invest in a new battery to guarantee a gentler experience for both the user and the cartridge.

Avoid Overcharging the Batteries

Like any electronic device, leaving it on charge for too long can weaken the battery. Disconnecting the port right after it finishes charging will preserve the health of the battery and help the vape function properly.

Keep Away From Moisture and Sunlight

Store products away from sunlight to avoid oxidizing the oil and producing less flavorful pulls. Keeping vape pod systems away from water will also ensure the quality of life, as the oil will remain pure while the system remains intact. Distributors should consider selling carrying cases to help protect products from unfavorable conditions.

Invest in the Best CCELL® Cartridges

Ceramic cartridge problems are easily avoidable with a combination of the right knowledge and sets of products. In addition, when consumers invest in high-quality vaping systems, it improves their overall experience.


Quality delivery methods enhance your product profiles. At 3WIN Corp, we provide wholesale distributors the high-performing products that guarantee customer satisfaction and support consumer retention. Consult our knowledgeable staff members to order your next best-selling DART Pod system.