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* Products not intended for nicotine use.

CCELLRegistered Trademark DART-X

Dart X Pod Split

High Grade Material

With customizations available

One tank volume:

0.5 ml/1.0ml

CCELLRegistered Trademark DART-X POD

Dart X Logo

CCELLRegistered Trademark Technology

Revolutionary Ceramic Heating Elements

Tank Volume: 0.5ml /1.0ml
Plastic Housing
Integrated Mouthpiece
Magnetic Connection
Dimension: 32.7 / 37.8H x 28.5W x 11.3D (mm)
*Compatible with the 1st Gen DART Pod

CCELLRegistered Trademark DART-X POD

New Era of Customized Vaping

3Win Corp is proud to lead its customers into brand new areas of customization with the CCELLRegistered Trademark DART-X Pod. Building upon the powerful CCELLRegistered Trademark DART Pod, this model features three different temperature options tailored to your preference. These advancements allow for more potency with each inhale, as the temperature stays consistent with your selection. An upgrade in the CCELLRegistered Trademark DART-X Pod design showcases how robust metal housing can be sleek and functional, giving support to a soft-touch finish. This ergonomic design will keep the CCELLRegistered Trademark DART-X Pod comfortably in your hands each time you enjoy temperature-controlled vaping.

Dart X Pod Large


As with all products within the CCELLRegistered Trademark POD system, the CCELLRegistered Trademark DART-X produces potent, high-quality flavor with each vape. It comes available in two sizes, 0.5 ml, and 1.0 ml, with various color customizations waiting for you to select. Contact us today to explore your choice of customization.

Dart X Pod Angle

CCELLRegistered Trademark DART-X BATTERIES

To experience superior performance from your CCELLRegistered Trademark DART-X cartridge, it is suggested to pair it with the innovative design of the best CCELLRegistered Trademark batteries currently available.

Dart X Battery


With DART (1st Gen) Pods (0.5ml & 1.0ml)

Full Metal Housing

With Soft-touch Finish

CCELLRegistered Trademark DART-X BATTERIES

Dart X Logo

CCELLRegistered Trademark Technology

Battery Capacity: 480mAh
3 Unique Temperature Settings
Motion-Triggered LED Light Feedback
Child-Resistant Lock
Full Metal Housing with Soft-touch Finish
Type-C Charging Enabled
Compatible with DART (1st Gen) Pods (0.5ml & 1.0ml)
Dimensions: 75.5H x 28.8W x 11.90 (mm)


The CCELLRegistered Trademark DART-X provides versatility for its user with multiple settings offered to meet your varying daily needs. With three temperature settings to choose from, control of your vaping experience is just a click away. Paired with custom colors to select from, the CCELLRegistered Trademark DART-X can become your newest go-to vaporizer.

CCELLRegistered Trademark DART-X BATTERY

Styled for Safety

Personalized to the touch and the experience, the CCELLRegistered Trademark DART-X Batteries allow custom settings to provide peace of mind when you’re not around. The built-in child-resistant locking system requires five clicks to lock or unlock the device. It will automatically turn off if not used within 10 minutes, reducing the risk of misuse. The CCELLRegistered Trademark DART-X Batteries also offer an advanced charge notification feature so you can ensure your CCELLRegistered Trademark DART-X is always working optimally. A motion-triggered LED light allows the user to quickly check the battery level of their pod so that they can provide their pod ample fuel for the duration of its use.


With built-in magnets, CCELLRegistered Trademark batteries fit together perfectly with CCELLRegistered Trademark cartridges, providing the best chance for ultimate enjoyment.

Dart X Pod Collection

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