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Clues it’s a Fake: How to Spot a Fake CCELL Cartridge

Whatever sparks your interest in CBD, vaping is the preferred method. Research on vaping and smoke shops shows this preference, with over 30% of online sales devoted to CBD vaping cartridges and related products. Such a high demand usually comes with an increase in fake or black-market cartridges being sold, resulting in potentially lethal usage for consumers if they’ve used an inauthentic product.


The most common type of vaping cartridge is a CCELL cartridge. Aside from CCELL, there are few trusted distributors of authentic vaping cartridges. At 3WIN Corp, we aim to provide our consumers with the best quality products and information. Read on for vital information on how to spot a fake CCELL cartridge.

Check The Cartridge

If you already own CBD or cannabis vape cartridges and wonder if you already own authentic CCELL cartridges, we’ve highlighted key details to look for based on our expertise as a wholesaler. When inspecting cartridges for authenticity, do so with caution and suspicion. When in doubt, throw it out.

Silicone Rings

First, take a look for semitransparent silicone rings on the CCELL TH2 cartridge. Located at the base of removable mouthpieces, look for three pale white rings, which should be visible. For nonremovable cartridges, one semitransparent ring should be visible at the mouthpiece’s tip.

Inlet Holes

The next identifiable trait for how to spot a fake CCELL cartridge is its inlet holes. Each cartridge has six holes total. Four small holes are located along the airway base, and the other two are located at the cartridge bottom. We recommend avoiding the use of any cartridge with more or less of these inlet holes, as they are likely counterfeit.

Laser Engraved Details

Another key aspect of any authentic 3WIN Corp CCELL cartridge is its laser-engraved details. For example, genuine cartridges include a logo located on the bottom metal collar or the cartridge itself.


We also recommend locating a serial number. A valid serial number starts with C, L, A, M, or CA and is followed by numerals. If the cartridge lacks a logo or serial number, it is most likely a fake.

Where to Buy Real CCELL Cartridges Wholesale

Knowing how to spot a fake CCELL cartridge is half of the battle. It’s also important to understand where authentic cartridges can be found. As one of four licensed wholesalers, we know where these are found. Read on to hear about our tips on where to find original CCELL material.

Consider the Source

Not all sellers of CBD and cannabis-based products are trustworthy. Unlicensed shops are a big issue for fake cartridge sales. Lower quality product aside, our biggest focus on buying genuine CCELL cartridges is consumer safety. In and of itself, CBD is not a harmful substance, yet poorly filtered fake cartridges come with a higher risk.


Use resources like government websites to locate where you can make legal purchases in nearby regions. Aside from unlicensed sellers, we recommend avoiding shipments from illegal areas. Without regulations and third-party testing, counterfeit cartridges are often used.


Illegal vendors use the demand for CBD products to their advantage, going so far as to fill empty cartridges with cheap, dangerous ingredients. In addition, licensed businesses and wholesalers like us know how to spot a fake CCELL cartridge (including ones that have been reused).

Pricing and Packaging

There are many more tips to help you spot fake vs. authentic CCELL cartridges. We also recommend carefully considering pricing and packaging and avoiding any packaging with apparent design flaws.


Go straight to a legal seller like 3WIN Corp or one of our many customers. Compare packaging and contact us if needed.


We also suggest remaining vigilant with odd pricing. Legal CBD products like the CCELL TH2 cartridge cost more due to demand, testing, taxes, and more. Suspiciously low pricing is a tell-tale sign of counterfeit cartridges.


Certain states tax more, maintaining a high cost of product regardless of where it is sold. Therefore, your safety is our concern; spare yourself and your consumers the potential health risks of cheaper, unregulated products, and be sure to purchase authentic cartridges.

Buy Authentic CCELL Cartridges with 3WIN Corp

When considering how to spot a fake CCELL cartridge, it’s important to discern where you can purchase the essentials for your vaping needs. As one of four CCELL wholesalers in the world, we’re a source you can trust.


We offer more than cartridges, too. We also sell vape pods and batteries, making us a one-stop-shop for your vaping needs. Additionally, we allow custom orders and wholesale purchases, making it even easier to purchase products.


Whether you’re shopping for personal use or to stock up your smoke shop with trustworthy, tested products, look no further than 3WIN Corp.