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What is a CCELL Battery? Everything You Need to Know

By now, you may be well aware of the existence of cheaply made cannabis vaping products that look promising but do not deliver. We get it. You want a proven vape pen battery that lasts, performs well, and delivers powerful potency every time. That’s absolutely not too much to ask.


Cannabis vaping technology is something 3WIN Corp takes very seriously. We’ve done our research, so you don’t have to. We’re proud of the high precedent we’ve set in the cannabis industry by carrying the highest quality vape products that our customers ask for by name.

CCELL is one of those products. Once you know what a CCELL battery is and how it works, you too will settle for nothing less.

What is a CCELL Battery?

CCELL is short for Ceramic Cell. This innovative technology, created specifically for powering cannabis vape pens, utilizes a ceramic cartridge with a coil-embedded heating element. The ceramic heating elements have improved upon the previous cotton-wicking technology, making oil burn by drawing it in inconsistently.


Whereas most batteries in the industry are based on the typical e-cigarette model, CCELL batteries were created to be more powerful and longer-lasting, specifically for cannabis oil atomization.


Each cartridge contains several tiny inlet holes that absorb, store and vaporize oil. Since cannabis oil tends to be sticky and thick, this innovation enables superior absorption not found in other vape pen batteries.

Why is a CCELL Battery Better?

As the cannabis industry expands, consumers like you have quickly realized the poor quality of vaping products. In 2016 CCELL saw this need and tackled the issue with rigorous testing and has become a pioneer leading the way in cannabis vape pen battery technology.


Yes, others try to follow, but CCELL is easily the most widely purchased brand because it is simply the best with a proven track record.


CCELL delivers pure flavor, high vaporizing efficiency, even-heat distribution, consistency, and large vapor volume with powerful potency. You know, the things other vape pen batteries said they could offer but weren’t able to.


CCELL rises above cheap imitations by its proven success rate. It truly has set the industry standard with its inclusion of consistently performing ceramic heating elements. These were created by industry experts whose sole job is to research and analyze performance repeatedly.


Because the CCELL battery has created such a strong financial foundation, it has solid research and development resources, strong production capabilities, and reliable quality control systems in place.


In fact, there are currently 200 Quality Assurance team members working specifically on monitoring and analyzing the CCELL battery performance. They know what they’re doing, and they’ve proven their expertise both in the lab and the marketplace.


This means they deliver cannabis vape pen technology you can rely on without wasting your money on a product that promises things it can’t deliver.

Advantages of CCELL Technology

  • Consistent, pure flavor 
  • Extremely low failure rate of .0001% 
  • Advanced absorption handles viscous oils
  • Large vapor volume 
  • Even heat distribution
  • Fewer leaks

Which CCELL Battery is the Best?

All CCELL batteries are intentionally manufactured with performance and functionality in mind. A CCELL Palm battery is currently one of the most popular vape batteries due to its high performance and compact design. Our customers like that it’s portable and easy to use to enjoy all their favorite oils.


The CCELL Palm battery is discrete but packs a punch. It can generate 250+ puffs after every full charge. This is something the CCELL teams have studied intently, so it’s a number you know you can rely on.


The CCELL Silo battery is an in-demand product in the vaping industry. It is button-free, inhale-activated, and its magnetic connection is compatible with popular 510-thread cartridges. Micro USB charging capabilities are built into it, and it has a breathing indicator.

After a full charge, the CCELL Silo battery can consistently deliver full volume vapor for over a week of typical use.

Where to Buy CCELL

3WIN Corp is one of only four CCELL wholesalers in the world, and we are honored to carry such a quality product. It’s easy to believe in the quality of CCELL when we hear time and time again our customers asking for it due to such positive experiences. CCELL has set quality and safety expectations light years ahead of others.


We’ve seen it firsthand and would love to help you discover it as well. So reach out to us and we will answer any questions you might have.