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CCELLRegistered Trademark BELLOS

CCELL Bellos, CCELL Bellos Pod, 3Win Corp

High Grade Material

With customizations available

One tank volume:

0.5 ml

CCELLRegistered Trademark BELLOS POD

CCELL Bellos, Logo, 3Win Corp

CCELLRegistered Trademark Technology

Revolutionary Ceramic Heating Elements

Plastic Housing

Tank Volume: 0.5ml

Integrated Mouthpiece

Magnetic Connection

Custom Colors and Branding Available

Dimensions: 33H X 26.9W x 12.4D (mm)

CCELLRegistered Trademark BELLOS POD

Revolutionary Ceramic Heating Elements

At 3Win Corp, we offer CCELLRegistered Trademark cartridges that are designed and engineered to deliver the most flavorful vapor while delivering you the best experience. These Bellos pods are a disposable design to meet your lifestyle needs. This means that it guarantees zero maintenance, it won’t leak and contains a very high hygienic standard. There’s no need for preheating to experience complete vaporization for every last drop. We indulge our customers with pure flavor and powerful potency. The Bellos vaporizer features haptic response. Haptics is a technology that reproduces the sensations that would be felt by a user interacting directly with physical objects.
Every pull will trigger this technology, giving you an immersive vaping experience that will stimulate all your senses. You don’t have to sacrifice luxury or state of the technology when using a CCELLRegistered Trademark Bellos vaporizer.

Due to its housing material and processing methods, your custom designs will feature vivid details and excellent durability.

CCELL Bellos, CCELL Bellos Pod, Vape Pod, 3Win Corp

Experience the purest taste, with the Bellos Vaporizer

CCELLRegistered Trademark Cartridges are already famous for their trademark ceramic coil system which allows much more oil viscosity and flavor. The CCELL Bellos vaporizer is yet another example of the expertise and quality that comes with every CCELLRegistered Trademark product.


CCELLRegistered Trademark Bellos Pods are powered by the CCELLRegistered Trademark Pod System which provides the best flavor of extracts with different viscosities for the perfect taste. Like the Bellos battery, Bellos Pods are ready for varieties of custom designs and colors.

Contact us for custom branding.

CCELL Bellos, CCELL Bellos Pod, 3Win Corp


CCELLRegistered Trademark Bellos cartridges are recommended to be used with CCELLRegistered Trademark batteries for best performance, flavor, and potency.

CCELL Bellos, Customized CCELL Bellos, 3Win Corp

Haptic Feedback

Gentle haptic feedback with every puff

IML (In Mold Labeling) Treatment

More vivid and persistent coloring


CCELL Bellos, Logo, 3Win Corp

CCELLRegistered Trademark Technology

Battery Capacity: 320 mAh

CELL Pod System

Constant Power Output

Haptic Feedback

Custom Colors and Branding Available

Stealthy Breathing Indicator Light

USB Rechargeable

Dimensions: 67.6H x 30W x 12.6D (mm)

The BELLOS adds gentle and natural tactile feedback to the already exceptional vaping experience.


The CCELLRegistered Trademark Bellos inherits the consistent elite performance that CCELLRegistered Trademark technology has enabled, and in the meantime, adds smooth and natural tactile feedback to the already exceptional vaping experience. With the Bellos pods and batteries, custom designs  to match your branding have never been any easier! The housing material and processing method will give your designs vivid details along with excellent durability.

CCELLRegistered Trademark BELLOS BATTERY

Feel the moment

The CCELLRegistered Trademark Bellos features revolutionary natural haptic feedback that vibrates when you inhale. The Bellos was made with design in mind as it fits right into your hand and can customize the exterior with any color or design you choose. No matter what exterior you choose, the CCELLRegistered Trademark Pod system inside is outstanding as always. Use our 3Win Corp CCELLRegistered Trademark batteries and experience 25% more vapor production compared to other brands.


CCELLRegistered Trademark cartridges are recommended to be used with CCELLRegistered Trademark pods and batteries to reach the best performance, flavor and potency.

CCELL Bellos, Vape Pen, 3Win Corp


At 3Win Corp, we sell all of our CCELL products in wholesale bulk quantities. Contact us today to learn more about our pricing and quantities. We do not sell directly to consumers.
The Bellos Pod Cartridge works exclusively with the Bellos Power Supply. This is rechargeable with the included micro-USB cable.
The contact points of the CCELL Bellos can be cleaned with a cotton swab and a small amount of rubbing alcohol. Work gently to remove any oil or dirt.
Bellos batteries are easily recharged with the USB cable that comes with the unit. Insert the connector into an active port, and remove when the lights go off to indicate a full charge.
On average, the Bellos lithium battery provides enough energy to vaporize a half gram cartridge on a full charge cycle. Each battery is good for at least 300 charges before losing maximum efficiency.

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