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CCELLRegistered Trademark Poché

CCELL Poché vape pen

CCELLRegistered Trademark POCHÉ


CCELLRegistered Trademark Technology

Battery Capacity: 350mAh

Compact Visible Oil Tank Design

Medical-Grade 316L Stainless Steel Internals

Food-Grade Plastics Mouthpiece

Inhale Activated

LED Indicator Light Feedback

Micro-USB Charging Enabled

Available for Customization

Tank Volume: 0.5mL

Dimensions: 93.7H x 22w x 11D (mm)

CCELLRegistered Trademark DS2405-U

Disposable and Discreet

Poché’s performance is in a league of its own. Stylish, yet discreet, this lightweight, compact body holds a powerhouse of energy to give a superb vaping experience. Equipped with a Micro-USB port, Poché ensures there is no half-used disposable sitting around. Every bit of the oil will be savored with the features in this disposable.

The difference with Poché’s design is the elegant rhombus design on the sides. This 3-dimensional feature, paired with a matte finish, allows the user to grip onto the disposable easily. Every drop is able to be enjoyed with the visible oil tank features at the top as well.

CCELL Poché duo


The ingenious combination of Poché’s visible oil tank, textural rhombus design, and exceptional performance make this a superb choice when it comes to selecting a disposable vape. As with most of our product offerings, it is available for complete customization. Powered by a large 350mAh battery, a rechargeable Micro-USB port, and a 0.5mL tank, Poché triple-guarantees long lasting sessions with zero-waste and a worry free experience. Contact us today to explore how to secure the reliability of CCELLRegistered Trademark.

CCELL Poché color vape pens


Medical-grade 316L Stainless Steel materials are used to create Poché’s interior ensuring every inhale is secure and delightful.

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