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Jeffrey A. Sinacori Appointed President of 3WIN Corp


About Jeff Sinacori

At 22 years old, Jeff purchased a convenience store in the small town of Wantagh, NY. His store quickly became New York State’s number one lottery retailer out of 17,000 retailers and then the top-grossing lottery retail location in the United States from a pool of 200,000 retail locations. After 18 years, his success quickly caught the attention of lottery industry giant Scientific Games. Jeff joined Scientific Games in 19 as VP of Retail Development Globally, a position he remained at for 13 years.


While at Scientific Games, Jeff was instrumental in developing strategies and systems for the $180-billion lottery gaming industry. He created and implemented the SCiQ system that was rolled out in retail and corporate convenience stores across the country. He has held over 139 seminars for more than 28,000 lottery retailers across 47 states and nine countries. In addition, he has trained 65% of US State Lottery Sales Reps and marketing teams worldwide, while his teams completed over 2,000 retail store makeovers.


In 2018, Jeff left the lottery gaming industry to join his brother Christopher at 3WIN Corp. A company Chris co-founded in 2015 and serves as CEO. Jeff quickly replicated the success he had in the gaming industry, growing 3WIN’s revenues over the past four years. His significant contribution to 3WIN’s executive team earned him the position as the newly appointed President of 3WIN.

What are some challenges you see ahead for the cannabis industry?

The Cannabis industry globally is not immune to challenges. Growing pains come with any startup business. Business is business, as they say, and the cannabis industry is no different from any other business. It is also greatly affected by government regulations such as banking legislation, taxes, tariffs, shipping Pact-Act laws, Covid surcharges, and many additional costs put upon our industry state-by-state.


Some of the rules & laws that are bestowed upon the cannabis industry do not apply to 3WIN Corp because we are a hardware company and do not touch the plant. However, many regulations still cost us. We have managed to absorb and share in the cost for some of these things, but as everyone knows, we are in business too, and we need to have margins that keep our lights on.

What sort of culture would you like to foster at 3WIN?

Like any business, we want our employees to be happy and excited to come to work each day. We are 30 employees strong, and I genuinely feel that we have an outstanding culture.


Our management team does an excellent job at ensuring a great work environment in our brand-new facility in Tempe, Arizona. We support a friendly, fair atmosphere in and out of the office. Chris is continuously putting his employees first. Planning and organizing great events outside the workplace for our employees and their families is something we do to keep up the 3WIN positive culture.


We try hard to maintain this positive vibe in and out of the workplace. As a result, our employee turnover is very low, and the positivity in our employees’ relaxed attitudes reflects how they enjoy their jobs and treat their customers. I know our customers feel the love, so to speak, and perhaps that’s why our customer retention rate is one of the highest in the industry. I’m no psychologist, but that could be why; I’ll let you decide! We are super proud of that.

In your words, what does success mean for 3WIN?

Success to me is continuously hearing from our customers that are pleased with CCELL’s product performance and innovation of new product offerings that always seem to dominate the market once people try them. In addition, success is always having CCELL hardware pass stringent state regulations on safety and compliance tests so that we can continuously offer these products in the US and on a global scale with complete confidence. This is what has made 3WIN, CCELL, and all our customers successful. We grow and succeed together. That is my measure of success for 3WIN.

How do you motivate your organization’s teams to stay on course?

I have always believed in empowering my employees and sharing the experience and business knowledge I have learned my entire life. Having them involved and getting their input daily on decisions that affect 3WIN and how to handle business situations motivates me, and I hope them as well. Getting their point of view is essential to the 3WIN success model.


I view my job as President of 3WIN foremost to give my employees a great product to offer their customers to serve them efficiently and to teach them skills to empower them and make them improve. In return, my employees motivate me daily. I hope they learn from me as well because I know I learn from them.


Our sales team is not just a sales team; they are an informed and educated group that loves improving their craft. That excites and motivates me about them.

What do you think is 3WIN’s biggest strength?

Family! It starts with my brother Chris as CEO and founder. I am also proud to have two of my kids start their careers and develop at 3WIN; Anthony and Nicole as Senior Account Executives. Our 26 other terrific employees are like family and care about 3WIN like it’s their own business. We are not a publicly traded company, but we are a big family, so we don’t answer to anyone but our customers.

What core values would you like to foster in 3WIN?

Transparency & truth every time.

What drew you to 3WIN?

I have always been intrigued by hearing about getting into a business that I thought had so much upside. I knew I had what it takes to get into a market and make a splash; I had done it before. Teaming up with my brother Chris, I knew it would be a home run. I certainly don’t regret the decision to join the 3WIN team.

What are some interests you have outside of work?

For me and my wife Jamie, our focus and interest have been building our family together.
Bike riding, skiing, and hiking are all things I enjoy too. Starting new businesses, traveling for business and pleasure with my family has always been a passion of mine. Making friends across the country and overseas has also enriched my life greatly.

About 3WIN Corp

We provide brands, research labs, and extraction facilities with high-quality CCELL vaping products, customized vaping products, and customized packaging. For years, the cannabis industry has been overrun with cheap vaping products, which results in poor user experience and costly performance issues for many companies. 3WIN has redefined the cannabis and CBD industry with the highest quality and performance of vape products to date.


3WIN is an official wholesale distributor of CCELL, the leading vape technology company with patented ceramic formulas, a special manufacturing process of high-temperature sintering, and quality vaporizer products. Authentic CCELL ceramic heating elements are designed to deliver pure flavor, high vaporizing efficiency, even heat distribution, consistency, and large vapor volume with powerful potency.

What the future looks like for 3WIN according to new President, Jeff Sinacori

“As a provider of the number one cannabis hardware in the world, CCELL, we have seen our business grow tremendously year over year. We have seen this steady growth by continually offering our existing and new customers services to help them grow their business and generate revenue. We provide services such as warehousing, distribution, and inventory management to ensure that our customers always have enough product in our warehouse ready to ship when they need it. The alternative is waiting 13+ weeks to have product land in their location. Customization of CCELL cartridges and batteries have grown tenfold over the past two years because of our customization department focuses on giving customers what they need, when they need it. We are a very customer-focused company which is evident in our success. As president, I will ensure 3WIN follows this core value to continually grow our business by satisfying and retaining our existing customers and introducing the 3WIN way of doing business to new customers. This core value has proven to be successful within 3WIN since its inception of doing business with CCELL as our partner and manufacturer. We will continue this path of product innovation and new services being offered to our customers. I foresee even more incredible things ahead for 3WIN and our partners…Stay tuned!” – Jeff Sinacori