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10 Perfect Strains for Cannabis Daytime Use

10 Perfect Strains for Cannabis Daytime Use

Despite its historical reputation as a calming substance, cannabis is the versatile plant for all occasions. If you need to focus on a task, need energy for your morning run, or you are looking to unwind after a long day, cannabis daytime use can produce effects in the body during all of those activities. The chemical components of cannabis work together in synergy to produce different effects, based on their composition. The key is to choose the strain best suited for your needs at each particular time of day. Some people make their choice based on popularity or recommendation, but the time of day is equally important to maximize the benefits of use. Here’s why the time of day matters.

Why Daytime and Nighttime Cannabis Strains are Different

All marijuana strains are unique in composition, as is the design of all human beings. So, an essential step is to take note of how individual strains affect you and pay attention to the time of day that you use them. If you work at night, you may not need cannabis for energy during the day. Whereas, if you have to study, hit the gym, or crank out a project in the morning, an uplifting strain could be your best bet. A well-fitting daytime strain should give you a boost, but its effects will also linger beyond the initial sensations. With the right pod system, you can easily keep your energy consistent throughout the day. The desired attributes of a daytime strain include energy, clarity, focus, and mood enhancement. The three main strains have different effects, so let’s take a look at what to expect.


  • Indica: This strain performs best for those desiring to relax and experience sedation; the effects extend into the body.
  • Sativa: This strain performs best for those desiring to experience more energy and a mood boost, with a more significant effect on the mind.
  • Hybrid: This is a crossbreed of two different strains, and can favor either Indica or Sativa more heavily, so, take note of the composition.

Within the strains, THC and CBD percentages also matter. Since Cannabis is a plant with over 400 chemical entities, the individual chemical makeup of each strain determines how the THC interacts with your brain. Euphoric effects are associated with THC dominant strains, while high-CBD strains have lower THC and produce a gentler high or no discernible high at all.

Which Strains are Best for Cannabis Daytime Use?

Sativa, with the right amount of THC, sounds like it would produce the most energy for cannabis daytime use. But the choice isn’t exactly black and white. Many hybrids have equal amounts of each strain, so you get the best of both worlds. Some Hybrids also have higher Sativa concentrations, so, the Sativa boosts your energy, much like a cup of coffee, while the Indica prevents you from getting too giddy or stimulated. You can use different strains throughout the day to maximize the effects. Some strains are best first thing in the morning, while others work well in the afternoon since each strain has unique properties and terpene levels. Terpenes are essential oils from the plant that enhance its effects and lend to its aroma. Terpinolene and caryophyllene are the terpenes often found in strains best for early morning, and myrcene is prevalent in many mid-day and afternoon strains. Here are some Sativa-dominant hybrids suited for daytime, beginning with those highest in Sativa.

10 Sativa-Dominant Hybrid Strains

  • Sour Diesel– 90:10 Sativa: Barely a hybrid, this strain has a THC range of 12-24%, and lends a dank, musky flavor to the sweet candy aroma.
  • Amnesia Haze– 80:20 Sativa: Despite the term “haze,” this strain has a high Sativa ratio. It has a THC range of up to 22%, and an earthy, citrusy flavor.
  • Lemon Haze– 70:30 Sativa: Another strain heavy in Sativa is this hybrid that packs a powerful punch. With a THC range of 17%, its name is fitting, since it pulls a citrusy sweet, yet tangy, lemon aroma.
  • Raspberry Cough– 70:30 Sativa: This distinctly flavored strain has a THC range of 15-24% and a pungent earthy, nutty, and sweet berry flavor.
  • Space Jill– 70:30 Sativa: Space Jill gives you an otherworldly high-energy buzz with a THC range of 20-22%. The sweet and sour tropical flavor mixes mango with candy and earthy undertones.
  • Green Crack– 65:35 Sativa: This signature energy booster has a 15-18% THC range and a flavor bursting with fruit like mango, making it one of the best cannabis strains for the morning.
  • Blue Dream– 60:40 Sativa: Blue dream lives up to its dreamy name, with its perfect blend of Indica and Sativa. The THC range is 17-24%, and its aroma hints at berries, earthy vanilla, and sweet fruits.
  • Jack Herer– 55:45 Sativa: This strain, named for the well-known cannabis activist, this popular strain is activating and relaxing, with its balanced blend of Sativa to Indica. It has a THC range of 17-24% and subtle hints of pine, spice, lemon, and woods.
  • Cannatonic– 50:50 Sativa: For a pick-me-up with less psychoactive effects, choose this strain with a THC range of 7-14% or lower. It has a CBD range of 17-23%, whereas many others on the list have 1% or less CBD. Earthy, woodsy aromas with hints of tangy citrus and pine accompany these effects.
  • Green Candy– 50:50 Sativa: Like Cannatonic, this hybrid is an equal blend with 18% THC and a dominantly cerebral effect. Mint, pine, candy, citrus, and earthiness flavor this Kush strain.

When selecting your favorite strains for daytime cannabis use, determine the top traits that are optimal for you. Work with a reputable dispensary, so you can ask questions like, “what is the ratio of Indica to Sativa,” “which strain is best suited for my desired effect,” or, “which strains are better for morning versus afternoon?”


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