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What’s the Difference? Palm vs. Palm Pro

When it comes to vaping, it’s all about the highest quality and performance of the product that’s in the palm of your hand. At 3WIN, we are proud vendors of CCELL® vaping technology that is at the forefront of the vaping experience. 


With patented ceramic formulas, highly specialized manufacturing processes, and top-tier vaporizer products, CCELL® ceramic heating elements are designed to deliver the very best experience for vapers. Two of the leading CCELL® products are the Palm and the Palm Pro. Below are the key features of each device so you can decide what is best for your needs.

The CCELL Palm

The CCELL® Palm has rightfully earned its status in the vaping community. Blending aesthetics with functionality, this compact device is a powerhouse for vapers that boasts some amazing features:


  • A 500 mAh battery capacity offers a balance between compact portability and sustained power, ensuring extended vaping sessions without compromising on convenience. Using intuitive technology, the Palm battery provides an unmatched performance, resulting in an entirely personal vaping experience. 
  • The dimensions of 55.0H × 42.0W × 8.9D (mm) are crafted with precision, producing a pocket-friendly companion. The sleek design adds to its appeal and prioritizes functionality and portability. 
  • Aluminum alloy housing is where durability meets style, which doesn’t just protect the internal components but adds a slight touch of sophistication. The sturdy construction ensures the Palm can always withstand rigorous daily use.
  • The standard 510 thread opens a world of possibilities for vapers, providing compatibility with a wide range of cartridges so users can explore various vaping options. 
  • The inhale-activated mechanism provides easy, hands-free vaping, allowing users to focus on enjoyment rather than constant button pressing. 
  • With a magnetic connection to enhance user convenience, cartridges effortlessly snap into place, guaranteeing a secure fit and eliminating the hassle of any intricate threading. 
  • A built-in LED indicator is a handy visual guide to the device’s status, increasing the user-friendly interaction. 
  • A micro-USB interface ensures ease of recharging. 
  • Many customizable options, where brands can add their unique touches and personality.

The CCELL Palm Pro

As a natural evolution, the Palm Pro takes the legacy of the Palm and introduces enhancements that will cater to everyone’s needs:


  • Drop-in magnetic connection streamlines cartridge installation to enhance user convenience and a secure attachment.
  • Continuing the tradition of hands-free functionality, the inhale-activated mechanism stays as a hallmark of the Palm Pro, ensuring vaping becomes a far more enjoyable and functional experience. 
  • A battery capacity of 500mAh ensures reliable power for extended vaping sessions. 
  • Three voltage settings are a game changer where users now have the flexibility to tailor their vaping experience at 2.8, 3.2, and 3.6 volts to accommodate different preferences and concentrate consistencies.  
  • The 57.5H x 42W x 13.55D (mm) dimensions are slightly larger than the Palm, which accommodates the additional features while still retaining a compact and portable form.
  • The standard 510 thread allows users to explore a diverse range of cartridges for their vaping experience. 
  • Type C charging, known for its faster charging speeds and reversible design, significantly enhances the overall charging experience.
  • An adjustable airflow where users can fine-tune their vaping sessions based on their personal preferences, therefore going one step further to optimize the inhalation experience. You could have cooler vapors with less dense clouds, warmer thick clouds, or somewhere in between.
  • A 10-second preheat function adds a touch of sophistication that ensures concentrate is warmed for the best vaporization according to personal preferences. This guarantees richer flavors in any environment, even in cold weather.

Which Is Best for You?

If you are looking to choose between the CCELL® Palm and Palm Pro, both offer a versatile vaping experience. 


The Palm is a well-known vaping device that does it all, including design, functionality, and versatility. The Pro expands on the already winning standards of the Palm with a few more benefits for good measure. 


Choosing between the two is a matter of personal preference. If customization, durability, and simplicity are your priority, the Palm is ideal. However, if you’re after additional features like variable voltage and faster charging, the Palm Pro could be the one for you that elevates your vaping journey. 


Whether it’s the sleek simplicity of the Palm or the advanced capabilities of the Palm Pro, both embody the CCELL® commitment to quality, innovation, and an unparalleled vaping experience that will ensure you can make the perfect decision. 


Here at 3WIN, we are a reliable wholesale distributor of CCELL® technology. Our top priority is safety, and we ensure that we offer the highest quality vapes and pens on the market. We collaborate with cannabis brands, research labs, and extraction facilities to create custom vape products that deliver unmatched results. Learn more About Us or Contact Our Team today for more information.