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CCELLRegistered Trademark M3b

CCELL M3B, Vape pen, 3Win Corp

3 Heat Settings

Change the heat settings with only 3 clicks

Stainless Steel Housing

Highly customizable and sleek

CCELLRegistered Trademark M3B & CCELLRegistered Trademark M3B-PRO BATTERY

ccell m3b logo, 3Win Corp

CCELLRegistered Trademark Technology

Battery Capacity: 350 mAh
3 Heat Settings
Child-Resistant Lock
Sleek Stainless-Steel Housing
Varieties of Custom Designs Available
510 Thread Battery
Dimensions: 10.5 x 84 (mm)

CCELLRegistered Trademark M3B PERFORMANCE

3Win Corp offers your favorite new CCELLRegistered Trademark vape pen but much better! The CCELLRegistered Trademark M3b vape pen is simple and discrete, as always, but with many advanced features. There are now 3-heat settings, 510 thread cartridges and a variety of customizations available. Customize your M3b vape pen so you can enjoy extracts of different viscosities the way you want. This new vape pen is a must have.

CCELLRegistered Trademark M3B & M3B-PRO

Let your creativity run wild

There are 3 heat settings are available with the M3b vape pen, catering to your exact needs. Y can change the settings with 3 easy clicks and even lock the device to stop accidental activation.


Do you love your customized vape pen batteries? Wait till you you customize your M3b vape pen! There are way more options for heat settings and customizations to let your creativity run wild.

Best Vape Performance, Flavor and Potency

3WIN Corp CCELLRegistered Trademark cartridges are recommended to use with CCELLRegistered Trademark batteries for the best performance, flavor and potency. Learn more and receive a quote for M3B – contact us today.
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