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CCELLRegistered Trademark DART

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CCELLRegistered Trademark DART Battery

The DART is the first cutting-edge closed pod system product that has been produced by CCELLRegistered Trademark. The DART is one of the most superior pod-based vaporizers in the current vape industry. Its amazing quality and performance on vapor production and consistency is unparalleled. The ergonomic and pocket-size design makes it easy to carry, while still having the robust power supported by intellectual electronics control system, which is highlighted by CCELLRegistered Trademark and their tireless pursuit of premium quality.

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CCELLRegistered Trademark DART BATTERIES

CCELLRegistered Trademark Technology

Battery Capacity: 480mAh

Comfortable matte grip

Inhale Activated

Stealthy Breathing LED Indicator Light

Magnetic Connection

High-Quality circuit Board 

Micro-USB Rechargeable

Dimension: 73 x 29 x 13 (mm)


CCELLRegistered Trademark DART Vapor Production Consistency

The DART unprecedentedly compensates the vacancy of reliable pod-based vaporizers in the current market. Consistent vapor production, pocketable and ergonomic design, the robust power supported by intellectual electronics control system highlighted CCELLRegistered Trademark’s tireless pursuit of premium quality. After every charging, the DART battery can generate 210+ puffs with no recognizable decline on vapor from start to finish. CCELLRegistered Trademark batteries are capable to provide 25% more vapor volume compared to other brands.

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