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High Grade Material

With customizations available

One tank volume:

0.5 ml


ccell bellos logo

CCELL® Technology

Revolutionary Ceramic Heating Elements

Plastic Housing

Tank Volume: 0.5ml

Integrated Mouthpiece

Magnetic Connection

Dimensions: 26.9 * 12.4 * 33 / 40.3 mm


Revolutionary Ceramic Heating Elements

3WIN Corp offers CCELL® cartridges that are engineered to deliver the most flavorful vapor without any compromise. CCELL® PODS’ disposable design guarantees zero maintenance, won’t leak, and contains a high hygienic standard. These Bellos Pods are built with food and medical-grade materials that highlights the attentiveness in quality. No need for pre-heating along with complete vaporization for every last drop! We indulge our consumers with pure flavor and powerful potency. CCELL® BELLOS POD cartridges are the must-have for consumers who treasures luxury experience and care-free moments in life.

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3WIN Corp Bellos Pod is powered by the CCELL® POD system which provides the best flavor of extracts with different viscosities for the perfect taste. Like the Bellos battery, Bellos Pods are ready for varieties of custom designs and colors. Contact us for custom branding.

Bellos Pod CCELL


CCELL® Bellos cartridges are recommended to use with CCELL® Bellos batteries for best performance, flavor, and potency.

ccell bellos custom branded

Haptic Feedback

Gentle haptic feedback with every puff

IML (In Mold Labeling) Treatment

More vivid and persistent coloring


ccell bellos logo

CCELL® Technology

Battery Capacity: 320 mAh

CELL Pod System

Constant Power Output

Haptic Feedback

Customization Friendly

Stealthy Breathing Indicator Light

Dimensions: 30 * 12.6 * 67.6mm

USB Rechargeable

The BELLOS adds gentle and natural tactile feedback to the already exceptional vaping experience.


The Bellos inherits the consistent elite performance that CCELL® technology has enabled, and in the meantime, adds smooth and natural tactile feedback to the already exceptional vaping experience. With the Bellos, custom designs have never been any easier! The housing material and processing method will give your designs vivid details along with excellent durability.


Feel the moment

Bellos features a smarter and more natural haptic feedback that vibrates when you inhale. Bellos was made possible for various designs but no matter how it changes on the outside, the CCELL® Pod system inside is as outstanding as always. The Bellos was designed to fit right in your palm. Better yet, 3WIN Corp CCELL® batteries are capable to provide 25% more vapor production compared to other brands.


CCELL® cartridges are recommended to use with CCELL® PODs and batteries to reach the best performance, flavor and potency.

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