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 There are only 4 certified worldwide distributors of CCELL products. 3Win is one of the 4 certified distributors.
In order to secure proper closure the mouthpiece and cartridge, we recommend the use of an arbor press. The arbor press is the safest way to get consistent closure. We have these in stock if needed. See Picture Here
Yes, the quality of a CCELL glass cartridge can be refilled and used more than once, but it is NOT recommended, as the seals become weaker and will not be warranted. Voids warranty!
The recommended temperature for filling CCELL cartridges is 100-120℉.
Capping of cartridge should be no longer than 5-10 minutes after filling.
Charging takes approximately 30 minutes. The blinking light indicates that the battery is at full charge.
Yes, 3Win has a packaging and promotions division to assist in enhancing your brand name and packaging needs.
Yes, we have on-site in-house customization with a lead time of 2-3 weeks.
Yes, we carry the full CCELL line of products at our location in Phoenix with the ability to provide next day shipping.

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