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Customized Vapes

Customize any of our CCELL products with your logo, custom colors, and more. 3Win Corp offers the highest-quality customized vapes on the market. To place an order or customize our CCELL products, simply contact us here for a quote, or email us at: sales@3wincorp.com.

Choose the color and finish of your mouthpieces

Between ceramic, plastic, metal, wood, and stainless steel finishes, the customization options are endless.

custom ccell engraving
custom ccell logo printing

Brand it with your logo

Print your logo onto our products to give your customers a memorable experience of your brand with one-of-a-kind customized vapes.

Add some color

With Pantone color matching and wide range of color options on most of our products, you’re free to customize it however you’d like.

custom ccell logo
3 win ccell products

Superior Quality

Using innovative technology to raise the industry standard.

Long Lasting

Designed by experts with avid users in mind.


Build your brand by utilizing our customized vapes.

Customizable for your brand.

All of our customized vapes are entirely customizable: colors, mouthpieces, materials, printing and more. Delight your customers with a custom branded product and turn our high-quality vape products into yours. Simply provide us with your files and creative ideas and we deliver a customized, high performing product that your customers will love!

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Please note: We sell our products in wholesale quantities to verifiable growers, extractors, and retailers.

If you are looking for single or small quantity CCELL® Products please visit our partners at Vape Parts Mart.

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