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CCELLRegistered Trademark TH205-RYS

CCELL TH205-RYS Cartridge

Child Resistant Press-On Mouthpiece

Stainless-Steel Material

Glass Housing

Glass housing ensures better anticorrosion property and better oil flow

CCELLRegistered Trademark TH205-RYS OIL CARTRIDGE

CCELL TH205-RYS Cartridge logo

CCELLRegistered Trademark Technology

The all new CCELL TH205-RYS Oil Cartridge comes with:

Tank Volume: 0.5ml

360 Degree Rotatable Mouth Piece

Food-Grade Glass Housing

Stainless Steel Child Resistant Press-On Mouth Piece

**Requires an arbor press to seal the mouthpiece**

Standard 510 Thread

Dimensions: Φ 10.6 x 49.9H (mm)

The new CCELLRegistered Trademark TH205-RYS Oil Cartridge stays on top with the one and only CCELLRegistered Trademark ceramic heating elements inside.

CCELLRegistered Trademark TH205-RYS OIL CARTRIDGE

Revolutionary Ceramic Heating Elements

CCELLRegistered Trademark cartridges were specifically engineered to deliver an outstanding flavorful vape and produce the largest clouds for various viscosity, especially high viscosity with ZERO compromise. The disposable design means zero maintenance and leak-proof format with a high hygienic standard. No need for pre-heating and there is complete vaporization with every drop. Indulge your consumers with pure flavor and powerful potency. The CCELLRegistered Trademark TH205-RYS cartridge is  a must-have for consumers who absolutely value a unique luxury experience and value easy-going moments in life.

CCELL TH205-RYS Cartridge
CCELL TH205-RYS Cartridge

CCELLRegistered Trademark TH205-RYS CARTRIDGE


The new CCELLRegistered Trademark TH205-RYS stays ahead of the curve with the one and only CCELL ceramic heating elements inside. The stainless-steel press-on mouthpiece sets the highest standards of safety for the vaping community. Along with the mouthpiece, every metal part of the cartridge uses the same stainless steel material. 360º rotation embraces more flexibility and comfort to the user experience. CCELLRegistered Trademark makes the best cartridges in the vaping industry with nothing but your safety, health, and best experience in mind. Contact us today for wholesale purchases with the TH205-RYS.

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3WIN Corp CCELLRegistered Trademark cartridges are highly recommended to use with CCELL batteries for the best performance and to maintain flavor. Learn more and receive a quote for the TH205-RYS.
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CCELL TH205-RYS Cartridge

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At 3Win Corp, we sell all of our CCELL products in wholesale bulk quantities. Contact us today to learn more about our pricing and quantities. CCELL does not sell directly to consumers.
The luxurious TH205-RYS cartridges intend to meet the highest safety standards, with a stainless steel mouthpiece and other features. As such, they are also designed to be single-use products.
CCELL’s manufacturer, SMOORE, has been dedicated to creating top vape products since the beginning. They’re considered to be tops in the industry, with a product failure rate of under 01%
Look for the CCELL mark on the bottom of your cartridge to guarantee you’re receiving an authentic product.

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