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* Products not intended for nicotine use.

CCELLRegistered Trademark DS1903-M


High-Grade Material

With customizations available

Tank Volume:

0.3 ml

CCELLRegistered Trademark DS1903-M DISPOSABLE

CCELLRegistered Trademark Technology

  • Battery Capacity: 280mAh (over one-year shelf life*)
  • Slim Lightweight Design
  • High-Grade Stainless Steel Internals
  • Tank Volume: 0.3ml
  • Available for Customization
  • Dimensions: 100H x 18W x 7.6D (mm)

*Actual battery shelf life varies based on local environmental conditions.

CCELLRegistered Trademark DS1903-M

Long Lasting Vaping Experience

3Win Corp knows your inventory is your livelihood and the products you store and sell should be of the highest quality. With the new CCELLRegistered Trade Mark DS1903-M disposable, your stock will last longer due to improvements increasing battery capacity. This protracted shelf life provides you the security you’re looking for. The battery continues to power on so that the oil used is maximized and there is less waste in the long run.
CCELL DS1903-M disposable


Simply designed yet powerfully reliable, the CCELLRegistered Trade Mark technology infused in this vaping disposable carries the newest ceramic heating elements for maximum efficiency. With every use, you will feel the satisfaction of holding a product in your hands that delivers a premium taste and high viscosity vaporization. Contact us today to explore how to secure the reliability of CCELLRegistered Trade Mark.

CCELLRegistered Trademark DS1903-U

The wait is over. Experience the ultra-fast charging power of the CCELLRegistered Trade Mark DS1903-U disposable today.

CCELL DS1903-U disposable pen

Tank Volume



Charge Enabled

CCELLRegistered Trademark DS1903-U DISPOSABLE

CCELLRegistered Trademark Technology

Battery Capacity: 210mAh

Slim Lightweight Design

Micro-USB Charging Enabled

Medical-Grade Stainless Steel Internals

Tank Volume: 0.3ml

Available for Customization

Dimensions: 100H x 18W x 7.6D (mm)


The stainless steel interiors of the CCELLRegistered Trade Mark DS1903-M and DS1903-U are medical-grade for the ultimate assurance of safety. Even with this enhanced feature inside, the outside remains sleek and effortless to use.

CCELLRegistered Trade Mark DS1903-U

Relax and Recharge

Worried about maintaining and preparing your disposable for use? Relax into ease when you choose the CCELLRegistered Trade Mark DS1903-U Disposable. With a sleek micro-USB charging port, your disposable is charged within an hour and ready for use. Having this option for recharging your disposable means that you get the most use out of the oil inside, and you don’t have to worry about temperature affecting the usability. The customization capabilities of this disposable also make it unique for your style and preference. 


Outdated wick based coils simply don’t stand up to the ultimate power of the CCELLRegistered Trade Mark ceramic heating system. Absorption gets an upgrade with CCELLRegistered Trade Mark products that will provide a seamless experience when vaping like none other.

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