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What’s the Biggest Difference Between a CCELL Vaporizer and Others Online?

With off-brand and cheaper alternatives to CCELL vaping cartridges, consumers risk overheating their pods, burning themselves, and more. Although limited in detail, recent research suggests that CCELL cartridges are safer than these alternatives – (due to the higher quality of manufacturing).

At 3WIN Corp, we distribute higher quality products because we want our customers to have a consistently safer and better experience. As a proud seller of CCELL vaporizers and other products, we want you to understand the critical differences between the top-notch products we carry versus others available online. Discover these differences for yourself.

Innovative Technology and Fabrication

Each CCELL cartridge made comes with high-quality fabrication and development. We’ve highlighted the best parts of CCELL technology, but don’t just take our word for it – check out CCELL’s technological breakdown for a deeper look.

Heat Distribution

Experience maximum delivery and atomization through patented ceramic formulation and heating results in better atomization and vapor volume. Ceramic heats through more consistently and burns cleaner than other vaporizers.


As opposed to cotton wick coils, the patented ceramic heating core offers many more benefits, especially when used with a CCELL vaporizer. The vaporizer comes with holes so small that they are on a nano-scale, resulting in a cleaner burn with even the thickest oils.

Vapor Quality

Purer and cleaner flavors are just one side effect of CCELL technology. In addition, the high-quality vaporizer ensures a cleaner burn, removing the burnt taste from poorly vaporizing cotton wicks.


The nano-scale CCELL vaporizer also provides consistent vapor, meaning no oil zaps from intermittent burning. And the consistently heated core means vapor emitted on the first puff. No more puffing five to six tries to build up enough vapor, no matter the viscosity.

Ease of Use

Any CCELL vaporizer uses the same 510 threading as most vaporizer manufacturers and brands, allowing safer use with other brands’ cartridges. Ideally, we recommend CCELL cartridges, as they are generally safer, evidenced by the many counterfeit cartridges available.
Off-brand or cheap imitation cartridges and vaporizers make vaping harder than necessary.

We pride ourselves on the customization and compatibility of many of our products. We carry a wide range of CCELL pods, carts, disposable cartridges, batteries, and more – most of which are interchangeable. That means simpler and easier vaping for any customer.

Safety and Quality Control

Another benefit of an innovative CCELL vaporizer is the level of rigor that comes with its design. We at 3WIN Corp value user safety and experience. As one of CCELL’s four licensed wholesalers, we only sell quality products.

The even heat distribution of the ceramic core provides a safer, cleaner burn. And the CCELL battery offers consistent performance and stable energy at low temperatures.


Plus, the newly updated CCELL cartridge keeps users safer. The cartridge is composed of medical-grade 316L stainless steel. This new material is corrosion-resistant, making vaping even safer.


Safety with any vaping product is not a matter we take for granted. However, with so many cheap, substandard alternatives available, we want your customers to understand the value CCELL technology brings. Our quality standards with CCELL allow us to provide a better product to you and your customers.

Compatibility and Customization

Due to the high quality of CCELL products, we stock a wide range of options as a licensed wholesaler. From pods to cartridges to batteries and disposable options, using a vaporizer is easier than ever.

Of course, we want your customers to have the best experience with any CCELL vaporizer so that we can customize different solutions for each business. Customized vapes offer all of the benefits of CCELL technology to handle whatever oil types your business needs.

Branding Elevation

Our customization serves in-depth branding and usage needs for any company needing CCELL vaporizers. If you are looking for multiple colors and finishes for mouthpieces for an elevated vaping experience, look no further than our wholesale custom options. You can order ceramic, metal, wood, and stainless steel finishes.

We don’t limit your vaping options to custom mouthpieces; we also offer Pantone color matching and a wide color range for elevated branding. In addition, you can include your logo and on-brand colors for amazing products. Finally, because we offer bulk ordering, your business has the option to sell multiple product lines and variations.

Plus, with the extensive range of CCELL products we carry, your options for pods, carts, disposables, and other vaping accessories are just as flexible. As a result, your business can offer standout, high-quality products resulting in safer, better vaping experiences.