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Two Tank Volumes

0.5 ml & 1.0 ml

High Grade Material

Variable Customizations Available


CCELL® Technology

Revolutionary Ceramic Heating Elements

Plastic Housing

Tank Volume: 0.5ml / 1ml

Integrated Mouthpiece

Magnetic Connection


37.8 * 11 * 20.9 mm (1 ml
36.3 * 11 * 20.9 mm (0.5 ml)


Revolutionary Ceramic Heating Elements

3Win Corp, a wholesale distributor of CCELL®, offers cartridges which are engineered to deliver the most flavorful vaping experience without any quality compromised. The CCELL® PODS’ disposable design ensures zero maintenance, won’t leak, and contains a very high hygienic quality standard to provide your customer the ultimate experience. CCELL® Luster Pods are built with food-grade and medical-grade materials that highlight the attentiveness in the quality of the CCELL® LUSTER Pod. No pre-heating is needed and the LUSTER POD ensures vaporization to the last drop! We ensure our consumers experience the pure flavor and powerful potency expected in a quality product. CCELL® LUSTER POD cartridges are the must-have for consumers who absolutely value a luxury experience and appreciate the care-free moments in life.


Created from the CCELL® POD system, the Luster Pod is born to absolutely amaze you with the purest flavor and strongest hit. Available in two sizes, 0.5 ml, and 1.0 ml, the Luster Pod lets you choose to what works best for you.

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The 3Win Corp CCELL® cartridges are recommended to use with our CCELL® batteries to reach the best performance, flavor and potency.

Shine Bright

A sheen of metallic glow to your customization.

Constant Power Output

Consistent amazing vaping experience.


CCELL® Technology

Battery Capacity: 350 mAh

CELL Pod System

Solidly Built With Craftsmanship

Consistent Massive Vapor Production

Minimalist Design and Gleaming Finish

Available In 0.5ml and 1.0ml Pods

Dimensions: 11 * 20.9 * 82.9 mm

Innovated. Effortless. Lustrous.

Innovated. Effortless. Lustrous.

Luster is infused with CCELL’s® cutting-edge technology and the most precise craftsmanship to give you a solid feel when holding in your hand. The Luster Pod incorporates both 0.5-gram and 1.0-gram pods so that you have more options to customize to your exact needs. The stunning look and feel are not to be ignored. Encased in a zinc alloy case, the Luster Pod adds a stunning sheen of metallic glow to every color you want to customize it in.

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An Irresistible Glow

At 3Win Corp we have the Luster Pod available in two sizes. The Luster has been requested by our valued consumers to increase the pod volume size. So what did we do? Since you asked, we delivered.
The Luster Pod is available in both 0.5-gram and 1.0-gram pods. Let it shine. Luster is ready for a variety of custom colors to make them stand out and glow. CCELL® batteries are capable to provide 25% more vapor production compared to other vaping brands.


CCELL® cartridges are highly recommended to use with CCELL® batteries to reach the best performance, flavor and potency.

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