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CCELLRegistered Trademark PIKE

CCELL Pike, Disposable Vape, 3Win Corp

Variable Customization Options

More possibilities for custom designs and colors

Constant Power Output

Consistent performance guaranteed


CCELL Pike, logo, CCELL, 3Win Corp

CCELLRegistered Trademark Technology

Revolutionary Ceramic Heating Elements

Battery Capacity: 350 mAh

CCELL Pod System

Pod Volume: 0.5 ml

Available for Customization

Built in LED Indicator

Light and Powerful

Dimensions: 91.2H x 23W x 12D (mm)

Meet PIKE, the first CCELLRegistered Trademark disposable vaporizer with the CCELLRegistered Trademark Pod system.

CCELLRegistered Trademark PIKE

CCELLRegistered Trademark Disposable Vaporizer

3Win Corp offers the CCELLRegistered Trademark Pike, the first CCELL disposable vaporizer with patented CCELLRegistered Trademark Pod System. Don’t confuse how light the Pike is, the performance is not to be underestimated.

The built-in CCELLRegistered Trademark Pod System is powered by the state-of-the-art CCELL battery that offers unparalleled flavor with convenience. The Pike has a simple yet classic design, which makes customizing the colors and branding endless. The built in 350 mA battery will last you for around 100 pulls. Don’t worry about recharging, just dispose of it when the battery or the oil runs out.

Before use, just slot in the oil cartridge and secure the mouthpiece into position. Once secured, just inhale to activate. Start enjoying your vaping experience without the need to recharge the battery or refill the oil. The CCELLRegistered Trademark Pike battery requires no buttons for operation. It is an inhale activated vape pod. This makes it not only simple to use but keeps the design clean and modern.

CCELLRegistered Trademark PIKE

Potency, Convenience, and Possibility

The PIKE pod system is able to generate even bigger clouds than other brands. As a disposable product, the PIKE needs no maintenance nor preparation; it’s always ready to go!

The possibilities are endless for custom designs and colors.

CCELL Pike, CCELL Pike battery, CCELL Pike Pod, 3Win Corp


CCELLRegistered Trademark Revolutionary Ceramic Heating Elements

3Win Corp and CCELLRegistered Trademark offer the most innovative and disruptive technology in the current vape pen industry, which is due to the revolutionary and patented ceramic heating elements. CCELLRegistered Trademark
was named after the revolutionary and patented ceramic heating elements and designed to replace conventional wick-based coils. The old conventional elements can come with uneven heat distribution, ineffective heating process, and a bad burnt taste.

Our CCELLRegistered Trademark Pike is optimized to absorb and vaporize high viscosity extracted oil more efficiently and effectively.


At 3Win Corp, we sell all of our CCELL products in wholesale bulk quantities. Contact us today to learn more about our pricing and quantities. CCELL does not sell directly to consumers.
The Pike vaporizer is designed to be a one-use, disposable product. As such, it will not require any recharging.
As with all lithium batteries, the total life depends on the type and frequency of use. Expect around 100 draws per each .5 mL cartridge.
CCELL vaporizers will provide an automatic shutoff. For the Pike model, that is 10 seconds of inhalation.

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